I don't expect you to vote for me just because I have a great haircut.

I believe in solid decision making based on facts and weighing the impacts of a particular course of action.

There are many hours of Richfield Planning Commission meetings on YouTube from the years I was a commissioner, it is clear that I am an active community member and not someone driving a single issue agenda.

As your council member I will work hard to:  -keep property taxes low, -maintain the great level of service in our city, and -drive to redevelop distressed areas like the HUB.

I believe that through the aggressive support of private investment in our community we can expand our tax base, improve the financial position of our city/schools, and increase the vibrancy of our community.

What is “private investment in our community”?

Commercial properties have a much higher valuation and pay substantially more in taxes than residential property. Residents who invest in improving their homes, raise the value of their homes and will pay slightly higher property taxes. People and businesses who have a positive view of our community are more likely to invest in our community. It is a virtuous cycle of collective benefit. If homeowners believe they can spend money on a home improvement and get their money back later, they are more likely to upgrade. When everything works well, the entire community benefits.

Crime, unease about the direction of the community, and a city reputation for being a roadblock rather than an enabler are all factors that inhibit investment in our community. I will work for all of you in: 1) addressing root cause issues of crime as well as supporting enforcement, 2) supporting programs that improve our community institutions, 3) removing obstacles to community investment.

Thank you for taking the time to be an informed voter. I hope you agree that I have the best experience and skillset to represent the citizens of Richfield for whatever comes our way.